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Providing quality health treatments using traditional Indian medicines



Panchakarma therapies (Major 5 therapeutic procedures)





Rakta Mokshana

As preparatory measures for the above therapies – snehanam (oleation), abhyangam (Massage), swedhanam (sudation) etc, are carried out. These therapies are done for the purpose of eliminating the accumulated toxins from the body.

Naturopathy & Yoga

Yoga Therapy

Acupuncture and Reflexology

Diet Therapy


Mud Therapy

Physio & Electrotherapy

And other natural and alternative therapies are offered for diseases , general wellness and rejuvenation.

About Us

Arcot Shri G. Lakshmanan Mudaliar

ALM Ayush Centers


Born in 1950 from an average background family. His parents are A.Govindaraj Mudaliar & Yasodha Ammal. His father started his life by working in an Indian Wholesale drug shop. Gradually he had developed his interest in traditional Indian Medicine.

He started his own shop in the 1960s in Park town Chennai and ran successfully. Subsequently, due to family &other circumstances, his father couldn’t run the shop and the shop went on debts.

Shri G.Lakshmanan Mudaliar discontinued his education and shouldered the responsibilities of his father & brothers. At the age of 16, he has learned the business of Indian Traditional Raw Drugs & medicines, his interest in this field grew every day. He was fascinated by the white coat during his supply of raw drugs in Government medical college & Anna Hospitals, Chennai. He dreamt of being a doctor and achieved the same with his son Dr. Saravanan Lakshmanan.

He improved the families financial status and later got married. He has one son and two daughters. He had dedicated his life for this work and settled all the brothers children’s education and marriages. He never lived for himself. Though he had all comforts, he only used public transport till the end which reveals his simplicity. He had a very good ground approach towards his clients and vendors. That was his secret mantra of success. He developed his business well. Due to repeated medical ailments, he passed away on 28th December 2016. In his remembrance ALM company was started by his son and daughter-in-law


Providing quality health treatments using traditional Indian medicines

Integrating all systems of Indian medicines (AYUSH) under one roof

Cost-effectiveness and reaching all economic population of the world through awareness / promotions and achieve medical treatments in many parts of the world


Research & Development in the field of Indian traditional medicines

Publication of the benefits of Indian traditional medicines

Cultivating a farm with least pesticides / fertilizers and grow raw drugs

Manufacturing raw drugs in a very professional way adhering to nature and reaching the common/public cost effectively.

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